Thank you #devoxxpl! – Oh and today I saw the Donald Drumpf of devops: make devops great again?!

#Devoxx and #devoxxpl, what a fantastic experience in a wonderfully geeky city that is Krakow. The conference was a massive eye opener, from talks on the bleeding edge to discussion not far from the old school governance and architecture (yes, people still care about these discussions apparently). Indeed I felt very grateful to have presented my talk in #devoxx this year, mostly sharing our fun enterprise transformation journey and repping the Avengers (shout out to Warsaw yo!). I found my session to be very enjoyable particularly thanks to a very receptive audience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂 You all rocked!

One speaker that did stand out for me today was a talk about development culture, particularly about the lack of business sense developers had, and that these nerd are considered cost centers because they only wished to essentially waste funding to try out new tech. Seriously dude… you are the Donald Drumpf of devops and I am sub blogging you (I guess this is a thing now). It’s not like business side can’t be a cost center either and it is pure naivete to put them up on an undeserved pedestal.

I hope that particular message was not taken to heart by the audience, but instead I would say this. To my fellow devops and developers and admins alike. Thirst for knowledge. There is nothing wrong with chasing bleeding edge. This is the core of innovation and startup mentality.

Disruptive tech and business models like Bitcoins, Uber and AirBnB should be evidence enough that you do not need antiquated F.U.D. and this strange fixation on so called “business sense”. Grow as technologists and blossom into creative innovators. Give back to tech and your open source communities. Do not listen to the Donald Drumpf of devops and his spiel based on self doubts and guilt trips. Chase knowledge.

Devops is culture.


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