Yves is a full stack software craftsman with a passion for software architecture and product development. A developer at heart and working as a Principal Architect at Circle K, Yves is opinionated about advocating a devops culture that is agile, test driven, peer reviewed, and embedded with strong mentorship. He primarily programs in Java, Javascript and dabbles in a bit of C.

Yves lives in Oslo, with his awesome partner and two brilliant children.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I just saw your post about Greenhopper, Trellio and Asana, and I find your perspective really helpful. I did notice that you used them Trellio for one work while you used Asana for home. I thought I might introduce you to Kona (kona.com). Like Asana it is a productivity/social collaboration tool – the unique thing about is you can use it for and see both personal AND work projects all at the time. It is relatively new and really open to ideas on how to improve the product. Full disclosure: I’m a Deltek employee – the parent company of Kona, but not part of the Kona team, and not part of the sales team. I just thought of mentioning it to you and might just help you out.

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