Awesome sauce gleaned from #retailcode London 2018

#Retailcode London 2018 is over and it was such an unique hangout-time with other fellow speakers from the retail vertical. I am honoured and thankful to be invited. Having this opportunity to share my two cents and get feedback from like-minded individuals was awesome!

Jam packed within 2 days, information and knowledge sharing flowed and tech round tables ensued. We honed in on the real issues that plagued us all, and discussed devops both in detail and in a broader contextual sense. These big guns of retail IT, whom were either born in the digital API monetisation era or has completely transformed, gave their heartfelt stories. Along with some new ideas, we shared our current pain points and hard-earned titbits without hesitation. Long before I embarked on this journey, they already were and still are, the source to which we draw our inspiration. For me personally, it was also a great hands on opportunity to evaluate and compare our existing approach to CI/CD stack.

I will summarise my raw key reflections in no specific order, and anonymised.

  • Breaking down silos is still a thing, and some of us organise by functions.
  • Devops is trust, empowerment and an appetite for change.
  • Devops, when done correctly, reduces TCO.
  • Devops is culture, a view shared by all. And it is time to move on as it is becoming a bit of a red herring.
  • Instead of simply being the “king makers” of an by gone era, we now are a symbiotic part of the business with a firm seat at the table.
  • Encourage the notion of Citizen Developers and map out how to get non-tech onboard being citizen devs.
  • Know ALL your business processes because once you do, you can pick and choose which to automate and optimise and thus ending business case guess-work.
  • You want to monitor and correlate business KPI with that of infrastructure.
  • You want these monitoring to be transparent across all departments.
  • One of the retailers has a strict policy of not having transaction data in their microservice stack because of the speed they can gain in all other areas. Instead, they have a macro and microservice separation. Bit like a pace-layered architecture.
  • Some retailers have a matrix organisation and C-level people have technical debt and automation as part of their KPIs. Thus driving quality and firmly grounding IT goals into their day-to-day.
  • Innovation is based on trust.
  • Procuring Selenium as a service is a novel idea and worth considering.
  • Feature toggle is king. Enablement for AB testing and drive even quicker deployment.
  • Having an approval green button for launching/deployment equates to “you are doing it wrong.”

I have learnt a lot in the two days and now an eager beaver to hack and piecemeal some of these ideas when I get back. Thanks again for having me #retalcode London! Awesome stuff!


Talking #devops to execs and techs alike in Retail:Code London

Come for the rant, stay for the golden nuggets, walk away knowing how to ship better software for fuel retailers.

Details to my session as follows:

Speaking about #tdd with #serverless, #automation and tooling, and #devops in @code_europe! #strangethingsareafoot

Super thrilled to be holding two talks in @code_europe in sunny Warsaw on the 7th of Dec! The first talk will be about tdd with serverless, automation, and tooling. I will touch on Cloudfront and Lambda@Edge with liberal sprinkling of node.js and mocha. Ultimately piecing the buzz word alphabet soup together with Jenkins in a live demo format 🙂 If the demo gods are with us, you are in for some docker in docker in vagrant spawning dockers type of inception mad science.

Second talk aims to cover the usual devops circuit and the curiosities for the macabre; a transformative journey and a deep dive. Having grown up with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure as a budding young lad, I am happy to ground the subject matter in a light hearted manner this time 🙂 #strangethingsareafoot

Come hear our #devops and #microservices journey in #IFSFconf2017!

Very grateful to be invited to speak in the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF) Innovation and Collaboration Conf 2017 in Paris this year 🙂 If you are in town, swing by or hit me up on twitter, and let’s talk #docker #microservices #apis and #devops!

Come hear my rant @ Göteborg on the topic of #GDPR

You know you want to 🙂 Come hang for the rant, but stay for Mårten Rånge‘s session on Property Based Testing.

update 13.04.2017: slide deck avail here:

Implementing GDPR & Property Based Testing

Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017, 5:00 PM

Atomize AB
Västra Hamngatan 11 Göteborg, SE

25 Members Attending

Onsdagen den 12:e april kl17:00 välkomnar Atomize AB tillsammans med SWENUG er till ett event där Yves Hwang från Circle K kommer prata om hur han implementerade GDPR där. GDPR kommer 2018 och ersätter PUL och berör alla företag och myndigheter som handskas med känsligt data som berör EU medborgare. Yves bor i Norge men härstammar från Australien d…

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